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Hi there. Welcome to my small writing oasis. My name is Mira. I am a full-time freelance writer and feel that writing is the only thing that truly gives me pleasure. Writing can never betray or hurt you as people do. It can only relieve you and help you sense the world in its vitality and complexity.


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The writing services I provide are entirely focused on helping individual and business clients meet their writing needs. I am experienced in writing research papers, essays, product reviews, and business proposals. I have worked with numerous freelance writing companies.


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Aphorisms or simple observations reflect different perspectives. Life is colorful and vital; its nuances make us willing to perceive it to the full. With these brief ideas, I'd like to bring your attention to essential topics of our daily existence. Aphorisms can simply entertain you or further provoke you.

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In my blog you will find posts on different world news that provoke my interest as an independent researcher.