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About Me

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Hi there. Welcome to my small writing oasis. My name is Mira. I am a full-time freelance writer and feel that writing is the only thing that truly gives me pleasure. Writing can never betray or hurt you as people do. It can only relieve you and help you sense the world in its vitality and complexity. All words count in this process because they are the reflection of one’s personality, which could be optimally expressed through writing.
You may ask why I did create this blog. Well, I believe that every self-respecting writer should have an own platform representing his/ her unique voice. In an era where freedom of speech is such a speculated right to which all individuals are entitled to, having the time and will to express one’s views on any particular topic is something we should go for.
I have been working as an academic writer and researcher for more than 8 years. Apart from creating a lot of research papers and business proposals, I am interested in creative writing. Poetry is one of the fields that are mostly appealing to me. It is personal, touchy, effective…It can resonate with your feelings by questioning your abilities to think out of the box or simply enjoy the rhythm of the heart created within poetic lines.
I have a linguistic background, which has helped me build a solid foundation of applied linguistics. In the course of my studies and professional career, I have developed a genuine interest in the psychology of language learning, mainly second language pedagogy. In addition to that, I have progressively built essential writing skills in business studies.
With this blog I simply want to express my thoughts on world current affairs. We live in a global world; although we are so small that we can hardly imagine, our words are big and can create a certain impact. The power of words is truly amazing. Regardless of their creative or destructive capacity, words are what we need to know we are alive… Such words can move us forward and even surprise us of the potential each one of us has to change the world for the better.