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Behind the Scenes of Qatar 2022 World Cup

World Cup 2022, Doha

Doha, Qatar

Qatar 2022 World Cup…The initial associations brought out are about glamour, fame, money-Yes, a lot of money…
The solid investments in this phenomenal event anger people, mainly those with a vision for wealth distribution. Why is it necessary to spend millions of dollars to satisfy the caprices and lucrative demands of the elite? Football has lost much of its essence. This goes for virtually any other sphere of life. It’s all about commercialization some will say. Others will shrug their shoulders and leave such developments unnoticed.
What my concern is that the entire organization of Qatar 2022 World Cup is based on the centuries-old tool of exploitation. Thousands of migrant workers had sacrificed their personal lives to come to Qatar with the hope to improve their financial situation. Yet what they’ve found in one of the richest economies in the world crashed their ambitions. The luxury lifestyle of Qataris is their own trademark. What about those migrant workers coming from the Indian subcontinent?
They are no one in this global game of interests. They are victims; their low salaries, delayed with months, and inhuman living conditions in the heart of Qatar, have raised the question, ‘When would such exploitation end?’ We find the answer behind the scenes of Qatar 2022 World Cup. I’d personally condemn this world event built at the expense of innocent blood. I care, what about you? Remember not all that glitters is gold…
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World Cup in Qatar, 2022

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