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Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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St Patrick’s Day

The celebration of 17th March as St Patrick’s Day honors the patron saint of Ireland. It soon turned into a popular international festival celebrating the authentic Irish culture. In cities, towns, and villages across Ireland, 17th March has become the most awaited day during the year. Thousands of people anticipate the joy and pride of being Irish.
St Patrick’s Day symbolizes culture, spirituality, and faith. The green color refers to everything Irish, hope, purity, and meditation. People can find interesting details about this festival. A myth, which is popular in some parts of the world, states that St Patrick drove snakes out of Ireland. This apart from sparkling curiosity has spiritual and religious roots. St Patrick was the one who brought Christianity to Ireland.
Let’s honor St Patrick on this lovely day with the hope to fulfill our lives with optimism and bright dreams. We should forget all the things making us sad and decide to let them go. This is the moral essence of life, and we need to enjoy it to the fullest…

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    Happy St Patrick’s Day, Charlie Brown Sound and Electric!

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