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The Machine of Terror Called ISIS

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We live in a time of cruelty, which devalues human life. People lack determination to act well, to demonstrate responsibility for their actions, to assess the impact of their intentions. Humanity is dead; goodness and respect among people are dead. We often hear about death that we soon start realizing how vicious life is. What is left? Are there any signs that humankind has the chance to live and promote the lost values of life? The recent brutal murder of the Jordanian pilot, Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, shows that hope in humanity is dead.
Such hope will never return. The pilot who was burned alive by a group of cowards, identified as ISIS, is the categorical proof that insanity and absurdity represent the new reign of terror. This terror, like the alluring web of a spider, threatens to spill over any place on earth.


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ISIS presents a new form of violence never seen before. Their brutality disturbs us, but we can do nothing. They claim to follow the path of Islam; as part of their vision to make their afterlife peaceful they behave in a brutal way. ISIS is much more predictable without using the name of Islam. What is next? Can we predict?
That’s what their goal is! Each event, which is related or not to suicide bombers, burning people alive, brutal murder, or recently destroying cultural artifacts in an Iraqi city, represents their goal to KILL! Yet there is NO religion which would allow us to KILL! Now it’s more about gathering facts. Now it’s time for every single religion to come forward and see what they want. Bleeding is legitimate for ISIS and Humanity is legitimate for US!
We wonder how one can follow the lead of ISIS; the answer is brainwashing is at its peak. What’s worse is that manipulation seems to work well for this group of inhuman creatures.
‘I’m your voice, feed me in you’ is the real definition of manipulation. Don’t be misled and fooled, start acting! When they can work together, why can’t we? Beyond any discrimination stand together in the name of humanity and simply say, ‘I’m your voice, lead me in you.’

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